еquip On this day set aside to honor the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., I’m at home watching Bryan Cranston’s portrayal of Lyndon B. Johnson in the movie, All the Way. The idea that a Southern Democrat could become president during that crucial period of the Civil Rights Era, made the likes of George Wallace and Sen.Richard Russell (D) Georgia, feel as though one of their own was at the controls.

еlect On November 22, 1963, LBJ was violently thrust into the job of President of the United States. In the 1960’s, Southern Democrats were the remnants of the Dixiecrat Party, which had been the most vicious of the segregationists. In LBJ, a Texas Democrat, they saw a like minded brother who would get this Negro problem under control. That’s why it was remarkable that Johnson broke with his brethren. Being president made Johnson feel the weight of the office and his place in history. LBJ rose above his expectations to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and then the Voter’s Rights Act of 1965. In a perverse way, this movie makes me think of our current president.

where to buy over the counter Keppra LBJ took being president as a weight of responsibility to the American ideal, and he is revealed a man of honor and courage. LBJ stood at odds of his Southern segregationist friends on the principle that the Constitution demands freedom and equality. He didn’t take the easy route, and he was not required to take the stand which he took. But he understood that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards Justice”.

order zithromax z pak Many presidents have viewed their place in history and acted far above their character. The most notable of these was Abraham Lincoln. At first glance, no one could have predicted the strength and passion that our gangly, undistinguished looking, 16th president would display. Lincoln was imbued with a vision and unyielding commitment to achieving what was seen as an impossibly incongruous desire: to keep the Union together while at the same time ending slavery. Taking a stand on principle based on the concept of justice is the unwritten highlight in the presidential job description.

Here, in 2018, America is presidented by a flawed man with no time, qualification, nor inclination to rise to presidential principle and greatness, but it is not his fault. During the campaign, the American people were warned, a point which Trump constantly reminds us. He told us what he thought of Latinos the day he declared and then spent the entire campaign showing that he was a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical, bigot. He should never have been elected. Thus, there is no surprise that he is now the man he has been all his life.

During the campaign, Hillary Clinton often quoted Maya Angelou, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time”. America believed Trump the first time, but a majority of America also believed that the office would elevate Trump and force him to rise to the occasion. Lincoln was expected to be another in a long line of mediocre presidents, but he rose to the occasion.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt was considered not to be a particularly strong man, because he was a “cripple”. But the occasion of the Great Depression and then War in Europe, and then War in the Pacific, all combined to make FDR the Lincoln of the 20th century. Furthermore, FDR’s aristocratic birth could never have predicted the New Deal and Social Security.

“I’ve seen firsthand that being president doesn’t change who you are. It reveals who you are.”  Michelle Obama First Lady of the United States, September 4, 2012, Democratic National Convention, Charlotte, N.C.  Being president has revealed, not just the type of man that 45 is, but it has clearly shown the type of human being he is incapable of becoming.

Nevertheless, the Constitution offers no remedy for an incompetent president, especially one who campaigned on his own claims of inexperience, and being a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical, bigot. So I watch as people run around with calls of impeachment and shake my head. Impeachment does not replace the requirement to go out and vote. The Democratic Party, the white female demographic, blacks and Latinos, all made a conscious decision not to support our standard bearer. The massive Women’s March last year seemed highly ironic the day after Clinton’s opponent was inaugurated. A champion of Women’s Rights had been rejected, resulting in the election of a “Grab em by the Pussy” sexist.

Now, after a year of utter chaos, the only way for 45 to rise to his office, would for him to resign. People tend to claim that Trump would never concede a position, but this is not true, he is a quitter. Historically, he has declared bankruptcy on several occasions and sold assets to get out of a bad position, even more often. At this point, 45 can see that he is in that bad position. He is becoming more and more erratic in his behavior and Tweets. Of late, he has started lying so blatantly that he now disputes indisputable audio recordings.

Being president is a stressful position. Comparing the portraits of past presidents made at the beginning their administration to those when they exit office indicates the heavy stress the job exerts. But this stress is exacerbated in 45’s case because he has chosen to play the role of antagonistic villain. In tv wrestling the villain is in a constant argument with the crowd, the announcer and his opponent. Yet, wrestling (SPOILER ALERT) is fake and totally choreographed. There’s no real stress because it is all by design.

But for 45, this stress is real. Trump’s desperation for a “win” was on public display in the ‘tax cut for the wealthy’ debate. Concurrently, he spends more time resting than working. And today, he just said, “Fuck it!” and broke with every president since Reagan to simply take the MLK Holiday off, with no public events and lots of golf. To me, it indicates he has quit trying to win over those people he really never tried to win. He told blue collar workers that he would bring back steel manufacturing and coal mining, and he’s failing. He wanted to erase Obamacare and he’s failed. He wanted to deport Latin Americans en mass, and he’s failing. He wanted to prove Obama was a failure, but the more he attacks Obama Era policies, the more Americans realize they needed those policies and rally around them.

Our president is becoming Mr. Potter from It’s a Wonderful Life, just “a warped, frustrated old man.” This frustration is stressful, and under this type of stress, resignation is not beyond the pale of possibility. Trump is not used to losing. He tends to pick up his ball and go home when he loses. Yet, 45 has hitched his wagon to the ideals of the past. Rather than look to the arc of moral universe for guidance, he looks to the good old boys from days when minorities knew their place and whites held hegemony. He fails to begin to recognize the implications of deporting masses of immigrants and limiting new immigration. He fails to allow himself to rise to his office.

Democrats must now play hardball with this president. Renewal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program should be non-negotiable, it must be passed without restrictions on these individuals sponsoring family just like any other new citizen, whenever citizenship is achieved. This is the first of many battles, but it stands to reveal the nature of upcoming battles. To stand on this noble principle, is to allow the government to shutdown, if necessary.

Furthermore, the issue of opposing the family visa program should also not be negotiable. America has followed the principle of family reunification since its inception. Trump and his Republican cronies do not possess the level of support to allow the government to shutdown on this issue. Republican’s simply must understand that the weakness of the 45, demands that the extreme policies which they pursued in 2017, will not longer be pushed through the Congress. The days of a small group of Republicans going into a room and deciding the contents of legislation without proper order are over. When the party leader is revealed to be morally bankrupt and incapable of elevating himself to be the proper steward of our society, the opposition is required to take a stand. Now is that time.

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