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reference             Liberals are so stupid. That is a difficult thing for me to say because I are won. But, when life gives you chocolate, eat it. We liberals have a difficult time eating our chocolate. Observing how the various Democratic Party candidates succumb to the same Republican criticism over and over again just leaves me in a quandary.  We were once a party of logic speaking, election season trench fighters. Republicans chased us away from the word title, LIBERAL by say being a liberal was a bad thing and then we all lost our way.

order zoloft online canada Now we have become a party of politically correct perfect people candidates. This fact was most glaring with the Hilary Clinton campaign, but goes back even further. In 2012, many Democrats that had voted for the Affordable Care Act, went back to their districts and ran against it as if they had never supported it. Rather than battle Republican bullshit, Democrats chose not to explain their actions. Thus, “death panels” won the debate even though it was all made up. It wasn’t until Republicans decided that 30 million Americans should lose their healthcare, that people finally understood how much they needed their Obamacare.

Concurrently, Clinton chose to come out against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), rather that own up to a treaty she helped negotiate and explain its benefits. It is only now, as China makes its move to dominate Asia, that people are saying we needed the TPP to combat Chinese hegemony. Clearly, they did not understand the complexities of the TPP to see that it was a strategic alliance disguised as a trade agreement.

This phenomenon is a lack of leadership. Leadership is not about looking at a poll to figure out where the people are and then to adjust who you are, trying to fit those poll results. Leadership is to stand on a principle and break it down to explain it to the masses so that they come to your position through education and understanding the issues. Liberals have lost that fight against the bullshit, and instead have ceded to the Republicans the initiative. Republicans run on campaigns that center around taking health care from millions of people, raising taxes on elderly and poor to finance tax cuts for the wealthy, and machine guns for all. Rather than run against the idiocy of the entire Republican platform, Democrats can’t seem to develop a coherent message as to why taking health care from 30 million Americans could be a bad thing.

Republicans, on the other hand, have perfected the art of baffling us with bullshit. They speak with a singular voice and all spin in the same direction. Even when they explain why elderly people should pay five times more for their healthcare, Republicans have a coherent and persuasive argument of how old people are a drag on the economy. Rather than combat this argument, Democrats vacillate.

Do we want to win big in November or not? Even with the liberal/progressive divide, we should only be talking about the same issues in degrees. Both Clinton and Bernie Sanders wanted to increase the minimum wage, and the amount of increase was the only difference. Both candidates saw an important role of government in helping everyone get affordable healthcare, the difference was in the level of support. Either way, it beats the Republican plan that says healthcare is a product and not a right that the government must insure.

The national party should be bombarding us with tv ads that pound the Republicans for their arrogance, hubris and total lack of humanity. Republicans spent years making Americans misunderstand and hate Hillary Clinton. Yet, they make it so easy to blame all Republicans for corporate welfare, for spending an entire year trying to take healthcare from millions, and for giving a massive tax cut to the wealthy at the expense of the common person while adding $1 trillion per year to the deficit and for backing the draft dodging, tax cheating, sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical, bigot.

Furthermore, with so much of the Republican Party joining the ranks of the Alt-Right, why not paint the entire party with that brush, especially if they are not going to denounce and censure their own. We as a party must stop looking to polls to determine where we stand on an issue. Today, Republicans are attempting to vilify the name of Nancy Pelosi in the same way they did with Hillary Clinton. The party must stand a fight for her. Republicans say candidate ‘X’ will vote with Nancy Pelosi. But a vote with Nancy Pelosi would be for fairness in healthcare, and tax policy and against Republican attacks on the poor and middle class; a vote with Nancy Pelosi would be to protect clean air and clean water, rather than Republican attacks on the environment; a vote with Nancy Pelosi would be to hold Donald Trump responsible for his actions and to continue investigations, rather than Republican efforts to protect Trump and end investigations.

Democrats are already running from Nancy Pelosi as if her policies are bad. Republicans cannot run on policy, so they tell people to hate the name Nancy Pelosi. Democrats have a responsibility to run on policy, specific acts passed by Republicans in the past year and those pursued by Republicans. We as a party must cease having personality debates with Republicans, stay on policy. The very first act passed and signed by the Republican Congress and Trump was a law that rescinded a policy in which President Barack Obama prohibited coal and other industrial plants from dumping their sludge into rivers and streams. Thus, Republicans say it is ok to pollute the waterways, soil and drinking water. That’s a policy debate.

Democrats cannot run on policy while promising to vote against the Democratic leadership, as if the Democratic Party is misguided, somehow. This is the debate the Republicans want to have. It’s time to begin to show the people how the Republicans have been taken over by Trump’s corruption, the Alt-Right and by special interest. It should be a straight-forward fight that puts principle over special interests. Democrats are on the correct side of the argument, but seem afraid to make it. Just Eat The Chocolate!!!

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