Iranian Drone Forces US Jet to Take Evasive Action

robaxin 750 mg online no prescription Iranian Drone Forces US Jet to Take Evasive Action

Just yesterday, I blogged about how constant Russian body checks have come to dictate US policy. The Russians were able to nudge themselves into Syria by using less than safe flying tactics and semi-confrontational military movements. In each case the United States moved out of the way.

Today the Iranians employed the same aggressive and unsafe practices to force a US F/A-18 Hornet that was on final approach to the USS Nimitz, to move out of the Iranian’s way. This has to stop! That drone should been shot out of the sky. Until a message is sent to our adversaries that our snapping point has changed, we will continued to have our military challenged by that school yard bully with his finger in our face saying, “I’m not touching you”.

Slap his hand anyway, and he’ll take it out of our face and stop being an annoyance. Iran doesn’t want to fight us, nor do any other of the world’s bullies. They are afraid of us. Yet, in her story, linked here, Barbara Starr talks about the US trying to avoid catastrophe. It is this type of thinking which is the very reason why our adversaries challenge us so often.

We as a nation must stop thinking that anytime military force is employed, it would be catastrophic. Were we to shoot down an unmanned drone flying in what we deem a US military exclusion zone, we would be justified. Even if it were a manned plane, we would be justified. We make these exclusion zones for our protection and should not wait until someone sinks the Nimitz before we begin to enforce them.

When an enemy knows and understands that we are able and willing to use force, that threat of military force, that deterrence, can be as powerful as the actual use. By when force is not used even in instances where we say force would be used, then the threat becomes less and less credible, until it becomes a joke. We are the joke now.

What would happen if someone flew a drone over a sensitive Russian vessel, or base. In fact, on December 4, 2011, Iran shot down an American RQ-170 Sentinel UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) over Iranian territory. Yet, now we are reluctant to do the same in fear of catastrophe. It is time to begin to slap some hands out of our face, before one of those hands becomes bold enough to hit us.

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