elocon cream price ARE YOU A CAPITALIST?

           I am watching with chuckles as liberals stumble all over themselves trying to respond to this question, “Are you a Capitalist?”. Well, you must be a Socialist if advocate for a income equality, universal healthcare, free colleges and trade school, and a living wage. This is the lie that Republicans want to proliferate so that they can continue their conservative policies of corporate welfare and extravagant tax breaks for the ultra-rich and corporations.

            In truth, the United States has always been a mixed economic system nation since its inception. Written into our Constitution is that social experiment in which a union is created for the many to create “One Nation”.


           This is a not a socialist manifesto, but it does create a collective society in which some things would be market driven and others would require government based, collective solutions for the greater good. Because that is the definition of a “Community”. Republicans represent the idea that any attempt by the government to promote the general welfare is anathema. This idea is simply not true,

            Yet, this is why Republicans are constantly wrong on issues such as government debt and healthcare. They only look for market solutions in areas specifically tailored for mixed market solutions. Republicans believe healthcare is a product that Americans can purchase. Yet, have no solution for those Americans that cannot afford to purchase ever rising health insurance and treatment costs. Republicans balk at government intervention into he marketplace to use the purchasing power of the collective to hold drug prices down. Republicans believe everything is worth whatever price it can be sold.

            No other major industrialized democratic nation on the planet believes this. Great Britain, France, Germany, Israel, Europe, Canada, all have guaranteed healthcare for all its citizens and the government intervenes to hold prices down while maintaining efficient and effective services. The United States is alone in the world in its belief that healthcare is a privilege that requires the ability to pay.

            Why are we alone in thing thinking? What do other industrialized nations have that the United States does not have, that they can afford to provide free healthcare, free college and not be communist or socialist countries? The answer is very simple. The United States of America is unique in that America has Republicans.

           Republicans are a different breed of politician than the world has ever seen. They give $1.5 Trillion dollars in tax cuts and benefits to wealthy individuals and corporations, they complain that spending is too high and the deficit is growing, so “entitlement benefits” such as social security, Medicaid and Medicare and food aid, must all be cut. Why do they believe that benefits to billionaires is ok, but helping people with nothing is somehow a bad thing.

           Republicans have worked to sell the American people on the “Trickle Down Theory” for decades and every time they cut taxes, rich people prove that they will not allow tax breaks to “Trickle Down’. Instead, the rich get richer through the hoarding of profits as they increase executive salaries but complain about paying a higher wage to the workers at the bottom would damage the profitability of their respective companies. Americans have been sold a one trick pony, and that one trick is to make the rich richer.

            Since the marginal tax rates have been virtually eliminated, income inequality has been on a steady increase. Today, there is a human with a net worth of $135 Billion dollars. One of his companies is reputed to have made $11 Billion in profits last year, yet paid $0 in corporate income taxes. This only allows for the hoarding of wealth. If there had been a marginal tax rate on top income, the incentive would have been to pass the extra income down to the working masses, rather than to pay it in taxes. Republicans are quick to point out that this rings of a socialist system.

Yet, this was the America of the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. And it was an effective system of insuring that income of the masses would grow as did the income of the top one percent. With the Reagan Revolution, marginal tax rates fell and in most cases eliminated, as Republicans convinced Americans that the rich should be entitled hoard the wealth of their businesses. Hoarding is allowed as the minimum wage has been held to below the inflation rate and the rich get richer while the poor get screwed.

I am not a socialist, but I agree with President Obama in saying that major corporations owe a great deal of their wealth to the people of the United States. Corporate America did not build the roads and air traffic control system that allows for their goods to the Great Market of America. The American taxpayer did. Furthermore, the United States government owes as much a duty to the have nots as it does to the haves of the world.

The liberal idea would be to give the massive tax breaks to the masses, rather than the wealthy and have the market pick the winners and losers. That is a capitalist approach to a market driven economy. But, Republicans have turned Capitalism on its head, and Corporate Welfare to billionaires has become a preferable form of capitalism, while promoting market solutions to the consumers equates to socialism. Are you a Capitalist, “Yes I am”, said the liberal. “I believe in market incentives to consumers to allow for a healthier and more educated, market and consumer.”

As liberals we should proudly say, “Sometimes yes. And Sometimes no.” But we are always promoting the general welfare for ourselves and our posterity.

Iranian Drone Forces US Jet to Take Evasive Action recall Iranian Drone Forces US Jet to Take Evasive Action

Just yesterday, I blogged about how constant Russian body checks have come to dictate US policy. The Russians were able to nudge themselves into Syria by using less than safe flying tactics and semi-confrontational military movements. In each case the United States moved out of the way.

Today the Iranians employed the same aggressive and unsafe practices to force a US F/A-18 Hornet that was on final approach to the USS Nimitz, to move out of the Iranian’s way. This has to stop! That drone should been shot out of the sky. Until a message is sent to our adversaries that our snapping point has changed, we will continued to have our military challenged by that school yard bully with his finger in our face saying, “I’m not touching you”. Continue reading “Iranian Drone Forces US Jet to Take Evasive Action”


triple WHAT’S NEXT FOR estrace cost verify BLACK LIVES MATTER???

            Black Lives Matter (BLM) started out with a great intensity that pushed people to finally realize that police brutality was real. This movement showed that police overreach could be very subtle and not necessarily a brutalizing thing. Police, as a matter of routine, violate individual civil rights on a daily basis. As a black man, I now find the fizzle of the Black Lives Matter Movement to be very disconcerting. Progress from the movement is under fire from those law and order types that believe that a criminal should not complain if he gets the beat down, he should not be a criminal. Thus, one must have clean hands before he can claim the constitutional protections designed for people accused or suspected of committing a crime. Continue reading “WHAT’S NEXT FOR BLACK LIVES MATTER”


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            The new tax cuts enacted by Trump and the Republicans in Congress are the latest salvo in the long term Republican policy to “Starve the Beast”. The policy goal is to cut taxes to a critical point, then use the high budget shortfall as a rationale to cut or rather, to gut government spending. This follows the basic belief of Republicans that government should not pick winners and losers in society, unless the winners are the super rich. Continue reading “STARVING THE BEAST”



            Liberals are so stupid. That is a difficult thing for me to say because I are won. But, when life gives you chocolate, eat it. We liberals have a difficult time eating our chocolate. Observing how the various Democratic Party candidates succumb to the same Republican criticism over and over again just leaves me in a quandary.  We were once a party of logic speaking, election season trench fighters. Republicans chased us away from the word title, LIBERAL by say being a liberal was a bad thing and then we all lost our way. Continue reading “LIBERALS ARE SO STUPID!!!”


George McFarland as Spanky, Carl Switzer as Alfalfa, Tommy Bond as Butch and Sidney Kibrick as The Woim in “Glove Taps,” on of the Our Gang series later to be known as The Little Rascals. Original release date, February 20, 1937. Copyright ©1937 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Credit: CBS Photo



In retaliation for interfering in the 2016 US election, President Barack Obama expelled 35 spies with diplomatic portfolios and closing two compounds. In retaliation from Obama’s retaliation, Vladimir Putin ordered 755 diplomats expelled from Russia. According to the Russians this will equalize the number of workers on each countries respective staff to 455. By the semblance of the tit-for-tat (755 for 35), it seems to be a bit extreme.

Obviously, the intent of these expulsions was not to simply equalize each nation’s delegation. The actual intent is clear since the Senate had voted, in overwhelming veto proof fashion, to sanction the Russians for the election interference. Oddly, they did not wait until Trump signed the sanctions into law, but acted shortly after the Senate confirmed a veto proof bill would be sent to the president. It’s as if to retaliate against the US legislature rather than the president’s actions. Perhaps they didn’t want to embarrass their buddy.

Now, pundits are complaining that the Russian retaliation as being well beyond the level that the US took. But this is the nature of Putin. He is very worried that the US will retaliate in a fashion that would truly hurt Russian intelligence gathering inside the US. As such, he goes way overboard to appear as if he is daring the US to retaliate in kind. There was retired official on TV talking about the tit-for-tat expulsions of the 1980’s and that he couldn’t understand why Russian would retaliate so fiercely.

When I was growing up, the bully boys at school would look for a weakness in a prospective foe. I noticed that many of those who were bullied, were bullied because it was perceived that they would not fight back, a basic poker bluff. Putin believes that the US today is a blustering nice guy. Under Putin, Russian foreign policy has focused on raising the image and stature of Russia, with evidence of a high level of success, precisely because Putin has mastered the Art of the Bluff.

There is a single controlling American idea that, in the past illustrated American prudence, but of late has allowed countries to poke holes in America’s bag of security. In 1962, this very tenet was put to the test and seemingly discarded by President John F. Kennedy. Then, Nikita Khrushchev set up his bluff, relying on American policy to set its limit at the point of where the US and Russia would have a military confrontation, at that point the United States would back down.

The point at which there is a military confrontation between the US and Russia has clearly been the silent policy limitation for America since the end of the Korean War. Russians have always bluffed as strength, as when Khrushchev banged his shoe on the table at the United Nations in 1960 to show Russian resolve. This would be a Kim Jun Un move today.

As such, Khrushchev made the calculation to place nuclear missiles in Cuba and loudly dare the US to stop him, They militarized the area to such a point that any US response would trigger a confrontation between the two powers. This confrontation was not Russia’s desired outcome, in fact, they too had a limit at the point of when the two powers would collide militarily. But, the bluff was that Russia could hold its breath longer that the United States. When Kennedy set the naval blockade and moved to enforce it, the naval engagement called their bluff. Kennedy was willing to stop the Russian ship with American naval force. At that point, Khrushchev was forced to back down from a bad hand.

Yet, Putin has revived this bluff and used it on successive presidents since George W. Bush. It was most effectively used on Barack Obama because Putin was well aware of Obama’s trepidation of using force in any major way. Putin elbowed his way into Syria to establish a foothold. Initially, they operated in a small area with air operations only. However, those air operations began to intrude on American areas. Rather than push Russians back, the US eased over each time. Confrontation was used purposely and strategically to further Russian goals. The pentagon established policies for “Operational Cooperation” to avoid conflict with Russian planes and BOOM the Russians were officially operating in Syria.

Other nations have learned that while America is too strong to be pushed with big bombs, we are very risk averse to the extent that a series of body checks can make us move over. It is this aversion that has emboldened North Korea to produce an ICBM and loudly threaten the US mainland. Whether it’s Iranian gun boats making simulated bombing runs on American naval vessels or Russian and Syrian planes flying dangerously close to American planes, our enemies have found that they can body check the United States and as long as you don’t punch them, America will only respond by moving backwards.

I once heard a TV bank robber say, “Every now and then, you have to shoot a hostage, it’s the only way they take you seriously.” This is also true in foreign policy. On July 3, 1988, Iranian planes had been simulating bombing runs on U.S. navy vessels inside the Persian Gulf. On this fateful day, the USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian Airbus A300 with 290 souls on board. The American ship mistakenly believed the airliner to be an attacking Iranian plane. It was an awful mistake, but the Iranians ceased threatening American vessels once it saw the damage that the U.S. was willing to wreak.

In April 2001, an aggressive Chinese jet, flying dangerously close to an American spy plane collided and crashed, and the American plane made an emergency landing in China. After this “accident” the Chinese were less aggressive. In November 2015, the Russians continued to elbow its way through Syria, having moved further North and East by nudging the US Air Force. The Russians began bombing Turkish allies inside Turkey, believing that Turkey would not challenge Russian air superiority. But a Turkish F-16 promptly shot the Russian plane out of the sky. Many Americans scrambled to avoid further conflict, while the Turks refused to back down or apologize. Russia balked, but did not violate Turkish airspace again.

I say all this to say that the Russians have been pushing this same bluff for way too long. Putin expelled 755 to the 35 Obama expelled because he believes the US fears a tit-for-tat expulsion war more than they do. If there is going to be any type of Russian reset or discussions, the US must regain the initiative. Trump and his ‘bull in a China store’ approach, makes him uniquely qualified to end the endless body checks. Problem with Trump is he seems to have his head so far up Putin’s ass he can’t even see Putin for who he really is. In return, Putin has tailored his retaliation in order to protect his stooge. Thus, rather than have a president that will challenge the bluffing bully, our president wants to be the toady.




Democrats have been reacting a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll showing that 52% of all Americans believe all the Democrats stand for is opposition to President Donald Trump. Press pundits suggest that with only 37% saying the party stands for something, the Democratic Party lacks leadership.

Yet, its not a matter of leadership that is lacking from Democrats, it a matter of branding. Republicans have long since been masters of branding. Since the time of President Ronald Reagan, they have used  commercial marketing techniques to sell us elected officials, and ideas. Yet, most effectively, Republicans have perfected the art of discrediting or maligning the brand of Democrats. Continue reading “PRINCIPLES MATTER”


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Donald Trump, Jr. gave America a free “Nothing Burger” and I for one, am sick of it.  Initially, Trump Jr. told the American people there was no meeting. But that story didn’t last long, as the New York Times dripped out proof of a meeting. Next, we were told that Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort, all met with the Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskyaya strictly on the issue of Russian adoption.

White House Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, came out and called it a big “Nothing Burger”. But within hours however, the Nothing Burger began to stink. As it tuned out, the New York Times (NYT) had obtained a chain of emails revealing that: 1) Don Jr. knew (or at least thought) this lady lawyer was a Russian government official; and 2) that the meeting was expected to be about alleged dirt that the Russians had on Hillary Clinton; and all, 3) in furtherance of Russian government support for candidate Donald Trump. Continue reading “NOTHING BURGER CAUSES PTOMAINE”