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Our president, duly elected by the people of America, has decided that we should be encouraging more immigration from Norway, rather than from “ShitHoles” like Latin America and Africa. In furtherance of this policy goal, Congressional Republicans have begun to push for a) the end of “Chain Migration”; b) an end to the diversity visa lottery system; and c) build a physical wall on the Mexican Border.

Yesterday, Trump demonstrated for all to see, that this policy is deeply rooted in racism. I dare anyone to do a Google search of “The Browning of America” and you will understand where this Republican policy originates. I wrote on this exact issue on January 9, 2018, and two days later, President Trump let the cat out of the bag. Not only do Republicans want to end illegal immigration, they also want to end LEGAL immigration.

If immigrants do not originate from “Norway” or other white European countries, they are not wanted. The problem is that there are not many affluent Norwegians fighting to get into the United States. Historically, immigration to the United States has been from those starry eyed dreamers that arrived looking for better opportunity. Today Europe is itself, a land of opportunity. Millions of people trek to Europe looking for freedom and opportunity. The great white world is comfortable with itself and, by and large, are not trying to uproot themselves.

            Those “ShitHole” countries on the other hand are in upheaval. It just happens that in today’s world, all the ShitHole countries are brown or black people. And just as the Europeans that came here in the 1880’s, most immigrants are not rich people with highly skilled training. But those immigrants that came in the 1880’s were from Shitholes like Italy, Armenia, Ireland. Those Shitholers were the parents of the Greatest Generation. Dirt poor European immigrants that became the backbone of America as it industrialized and then fought two world wars.

Its never been about what an immigrant brings with them, instead the point is what they can offer. In the Republican world, this is no longer the land of opportunity, but the land of business execution. Emma Lazarus was under attack by Steven Miller and the Trump Administration early last year, and this policy is merely an extension of that assault. Trump says we no longer want those ‘tired, poor masses yearning to be free’. The Republican statement would instead be, bring ‘Bring your riches and get richer’.

So, who picks the berries and tomatoes? Where would Trump find a bartender or waitress for his properties? Immigrants are a vital cog in the American business machine. Republicans argue that immigrants are taking jobs from Americans and driving down wages. But this has been the argument of those that didn’t want the Chinese because they took jobs from white men. It was never their complaint when the black slaves too all the cotton field jobs, though. Yet, this argument is, the argument of men that justify paying women less than men with families to support. Wages are stagnant in America today, not because of immigrants, but because of greedy corporations. Today corporate CEO’s make 300 times more than the typical worker. There was a time when government and unions put pressure on corporations to increase worker pay, yet those days are long gone.

It has been and remains a fact that immigrants bring character and their ethic of hard work with them. Sure, some fail and yield to the temptations of easy money or despair. But, America has never painted an entire race with the actions of a small few in the way Trump does. He continuously cites that same immigrant that committed that one heinous crime, just as he disparages an entire continent, yet, he never seems to see the vast number of achievements that outnumber those failures. For most immigrants, their biggest achievement is nothing more than to raise strong, beautiful and caring American children that in turn take achievement further than his parents. And then the process repeated itself. That is a significant contribution to America. A man or woman does not have to become president or an astronaut to have achieved in life. Most people will never be president or go to the moon, but having a family and making an impression on one’s community, or just a single person, is large measure of success in life.

Trump would define achievement by assigning an educational or monetary requirement. This is because he fails as a human being. He is reminiscent of Commodus in the movie Gladiator, complaining that he possessed none of the virtues which his father, Marcus Aurelius, had listed as desirous in a man. Donald Trump’s outlook as president is the same as Commodus’, nonchalance. Trump, like Commodus, is incapable of the requisite amount of empathy and altruism for his fellow man and, thus he uses this Grand Office solely to aggrandize himself. And for Trump, despite his high status and high office, he still needs to bring others down in order to fell adequate. America elected a highly flawed individual to be president, and now must begin to come to terms with the damage that he will wreak.

Marcus Aurelius is considered to be the last of the “Good Emperors” and his death is viewed as the end of Pax Romana and the start of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. So now it is America’s turn. Trump, and the Republicans’ blind loyalty are causing our allies to walk away from us. Trump has cancelled the Trans Pacific Partnership and thereby pushed Asian countries closer to China. And when has called Africa a shithole, his action is sure to increase African trade with its current largest trading partner, China. American influence is demonstrably in decline under Trump. Hopefully, it will not be irreversible after his presidency. As American hegemony declines, the question becomes, is this the end of Pax Americana?




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